With the improvement of medical treatment, aged maternal rise, neonatal health care is facing more and more challenges. Dison series products provide a perfect solution neonatal care:

1.Baby Incubator series from high to low, meet the needs of critically ill children in different situations
2.Infant warm  series can be combined with a variety of resuscitation equipment ,provide baby emergency resuscitation medical care better solutions
3.Infant phtotherapy unit, facilitate the treatment of newborn babies jaundice without pain
4.Transport type incubator, providing convenience for newborn babies trasport from one hospital to another, put up the path of life
5.Ancillary testing equipment, medical care equipment, improve the quality of the baby's life  Welcome to consult the best solution for your NICU need.

Salesman and Salewomen are all come from famous colleague and university ,has expert sales skill and expert ethics.We are ready to provide the professional sales service to our honorific  customer.



        One year warranty for whole machine Respond within 24 hours

        Technical support for all lifetime of machine After-sales Engineer Training

        Under special circumstances,provide on site support.



        European Technical and Service Center:
        ECODANUSA LDA Medical Equipments
        Porto, Portugal
        Website: www.ecodanusa.pt
        CEO: Mr Davide Cerqueira
        Email: [email protected]
        Mobile: 00351 926194672

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